About Us

The Family-to-Family Project (FTFP) supports families who are losing or have lost their homes by providing timely, innovative, and flexible grants to restore hope and to find and retain their housing.

The Family-to-Family model is designed to assist as many people as possible, where the need is greatest. We work with community-based partners who work directly with families experiencing homelessness or nearing homelessness, to improve the quality of life for families throughout Massachusetts.

Our goal is always to help families avert homelessness and maintain their independence.

In cases where families are currently homeless, we seek to assist them in regaining their independence. This is achieved through flexible funding grants to assist families so they can maintain or achieve housing security by providing the following types of assistance:

  • Back rent
  • Moving costs
  • Education expenses
  • Utility bills

These grants have a long-term positive impact on the lives of families, with 92% maintaining their housing 12 months after receiving assistance.